when home is the only option

When Home is the Only Option

by Kelsey Lane

I'm reflecting on this year to date, and it's reminding me about home and gratitude. In March, we received stay-at-home orders. Shortly after that, riots broke out nationwide. And what seems like shortly after that as our problem du jour, wildfires drowned out what little air we thought we had.

For those of us who are not ill or in critical condition, and those of us who are able to remain in our homes and not be evacuated, we are intensely grateful. We can help our brothers and sisters in need, who are in those situations.

And meanwhile, we remember yet again how important "home" is. Our team started the Heart of the Home category on our blog nearly a year ago. Our intention was to explore what makes a house a home, and that it is usually the people in it. Whether we like our physical homes or not, we carry "Home" in our heart and noone can take that away from us.

And yet there is the matter of the physical home. After a couple months of staying at home, some of us ventured out to outdoor dining and allowable activities with protocols. But now with smoky air quality, our newly formed options of freedom are once again limited. So, we're indoors, inside, some with AC and some not coming out of a week of 100 degree weather.

I'm feeling like we need to band together during this crazy timeframe. I keep looking at what I like about my home, what I don't, and ways to make it better. And I also have been dreaming up new ways to enjoy my time when I'm at home and not showing houses. What ways have you come up with to not go stir crazy, and enjoy your time indoors? And what are you grateful for in your home? I'd love to hear from you. Let's stick together even though we're 6 feet apart.


PS...And if you have any homes you'd like to see let me know. If you're looking for a different indoors to be in, we follow safety protocols and are able to put together home tours for you.