You may have read on my Market Mondays on Linked In that price trends are still steady in the Santa Clara County real estate market. That said, the number of sales or "units sold" is way down, about half - when you compare the first few weeks of April to the first few weeks of March. 

Real estate is still being sold though, and other activities are happening during this interesting season, as well. 

As a team, we're able to show vacant properties, with precautions - minimal people can enter the home at a time and we are recommending masks, gloves, booties, and hand sanitizer which we provide. We can also list vacant properties, mostly like normal minus open houses - though we do virtual open houses and virtual walkthroughs as well. Sign companies are still operating, as are photographers and title companies for doing closings.

We're also finding that many of our clients who are wanting to list in late spring or early summer are starting with us now in order to get ready. We're helping with virtual organizing services to declutter, and virtual staging assistance to know what items and furniture to keep out and what to store away. Two of our clients have already had multiple sessions with a stager virtually and the end results were fantastic. It enabled them to be market-ready and we were able to start pre-marketing. We also help prioritize a budget for planning what repairs would need to be done prior to listing. Our marketing plan includes many virtual platforms for viewing as many angles of the homes as possible, and we're able to do coming soon advertising in order to build momentum. The MLS has suspended days on market, so even going on the MLS is an option to find out which buyers are out there for any given home.


If you're interested in getting started, even if in the preliminary phase, please let us know and we can help with any questions you have. What real estate questions have been on your mind?