Moving Your Body at Home

About a week before shelter-in-place started, I had popped into a couple exercise classes with Sue Butzow in Willow Glen. I was intrigued because they were specifically for relieving posture pain and getting your body back into alignment. Since I highly enjoyed them, and felt great afterwards, I was pleased to find her zoom classes online shortly after the sheltering began. 

Right around the same time, our online community for this "Heart of the Home" blog category had a guest speaker who also lives locally. Coach Constance Kaltenbach from 7 Healthy Days spoke to us about how we can easily move our bodies at home. I thought I'd share some highlights from each of these helpful resources:

Constance's main concern is that most of us are doing too much sitting - we need to break up with sitting! Actually, she said to break it up, but sometimes I need to make it more dramatic in order to remember. Two of the most doable suggestions she made were to 1) Do push ups against your countertop (or lunges if you prefer) while you're waiting on your tea or coffee and 2) do chair squats on the hour. She also of course advocates getting out for a walk or hike, and encouraged us to find some of the inexpensive online workouts such as Orange Theory and Beach Body. For more self-workouts, she recommended low impact jumping jacks, knee lifts, and simply walking in place, which could all be done in short spurts on the hour. When we can, she said to pepper in types of exercise that bring the heart rate up to a sweat - one little-known way of doing this are Tabata songs (Spotify or YouTube) which have 20 seconds of faster beat (for dancing or any high intensity activity, and then 10 more mellow seconds for a lower intensity activity. Her talk also encouraged me to create a standing desk so that at least for part of my work day, I'm not sitting.

Sue's helpful exercises are inspired by Pete Egoscue, as she's certified to teach his methods for posture pain relief. Each one is low intensity and isolates muscles mostly near the shoulders and the hips - some are resistance-based and some are stretches. Yoga poses such as cats and dogs & bird dog round out the repertoire. One of the posture exercises is as simple as laying on your back with your knees bent, and squeezing a pillow between your knees. I was happy to have some confirmation on this when I saw that my chiropractors (Rozenhart Chiropractic in San Jose) showed videos with similar exercises for overcoming all this time we are spending on our devices. You can search "Egoscue" on You Tube and find demonstrations of the types of exercises (each is done for one minute) and if you'd like more information on Sue Butzow's classes, please let me know.


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