Home sweet home sign next to a bouquet of lavender

Written by Kelsey Lane

The Leaving of Home


For a year we've been staying at home at various levels, depending on our careers. The message has been to consider others and remain at home whenever possible. As Realtors, we have delved into the topic of home and love discussing what truly makes a house a home, that can be embraced.
But there will come a day, though hard to believe, when covid will be transitioning out of our lives. We'll be beckoned to rejoin society and to leave our nests. And while many of us think we want this, lately I've been pondering the totality of what this means. I feel like we'll need psychologists, therapists, and coaches to help us with re-entry. Because secretly, I wonder if we like our cocoons.
I've started to develop a plan for emotionally dealing with "going back into the real world" even though it may be six months, a year, or longer, and may happen in tiered stages.
The first part of my strategy is to start making a list about what I like about being at home. From this list, my idea is to begin narrowing my priorities of what I'd like to keep in my life. This will involve crafting a way to incorporate home and what I like about it into my schedule.
The second part of my strategy is to start making a list about what I miss from life before, what I potentially was taking for granted. It's almost like a re-bucket list of activities I'll be happy to enjoy again when able.
And finally I'll make a list of new things I'll want to do once the world begins to re-open and then fully re-opens.
By taking the time over the next upcoming months to write things down as I think of them, I believe I'll be better prepared for making the transition. My heart will always be home, of course, but I'll find the fullness of my heart's connection interacting "out there."
Kelsey Lane has been helping clients with the home selling process (and home buying process) since 2003 as a Silicon Valley Realtor DRE #01390557. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with real estate tips and steps.