5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity This Fall

by Manuela Pauer 


This year has brought so many unexpected circumstances and many of our usual routines and habits have been disrupted. Parents had to figure out new plans for their kids who are now learning from home, employees had to adjust to working remotely, business owners had to rework their strategies. Plus, with many unknowns, things can seem even more overwhelming than usual. How can we stay focused and productive during these tumultuous times?


Most people think that we just need to spend more time to get everything done. 


It’s a common belief.  Early in my career, I figured the only solution was to work more hours. So I worked late, sometimes until the wee hours in the morning, to get projects done. I was young and I had no notion of the long-term effects this would have. 


Working longer hours can work in the short-term, but it takes a big toll on us in the long-term. 


Rather than thinking about working more hours to manage our time, what if we focused on managing our energy instead? 


Here are 5 ways you can effectively manage your energy to boost your productivity:


1. Tackle your number one priority first.
We often spend lots of time managing our to-do lists. To ensure you stay focused and have energy for what's most important, choose your most important priority each day and tackle it first. Otherwise lots of other little, less important things might get in the way and you never get to the thing that can really move the needle for you.

2. Take advantage of your high-energy time

You might have noticed that during certain times you are much more productive than during others. Take advantage of your high-energy time and use it for your most important work or to get things done you don’t enjoy as much.

3. Break down your tasks
We often get overwhelmed by big projects. Break down your tasks until they are so small that they seem completely doable. For example: Rather than listing your task as “Create a presentation”, the first task could be “Brainstorm for 5 minutes what to include in the presentation.”

4. Recharge several times a day

When you are busy, it can feel like you cannot afford to spend time on taking breaks. But as counterintuitive as it may seem, taking short breaks can actually recharge you and help you be more productive, getting done even more.


Schedule short 10 minute breaks throughout the day, and get up from your workspace. Do something that energizes you: go for a quick walk, listen to music, take a dance break, meditate, play with a pet or go outside and breathe.


5. Celebrate your progress

Acknowledge yourself for the progress you are making and celebrate small milestones. Don’t wait until the whole project is done. Our fulfillment and happiness comes from enjoying the journey and giving ourselves credit along the way - not from completing our goals.


What small change do you want to make to manage your energy better and be more productive?


Wishing you a productive and happy fall season! 


Manuela is a Career and Life Happiness Coach and enjoys helping professionals create a career and life they love. For more practical tips on boosting your productivity, check out her Productivity course: https://www.pauercoaching.com/productivity-training/